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5 Signs It Might Be Time to Hire a Different Building Maintenance Company

Keeping up with regular cleaning, monitoring the state of your facility and performing necessary maintenance are all important tasks that you must stay on top of if you have a commercial building. While you may already be working with a building maintenance company, there are certain telltale signs that your facility is not being properly cleaned.

Common Signs You Need to Hire a Different Building Maintenance Company

Your Building Is Showing Signs of Basic Decay

Certain types of decay can be a sign of a major issue such as a leak or pest infestation, but basic building decay is often the result of insufficient cleaning. When surfaces aren’t thoroughly cleaned, they wear down faster. In large buildings, there are many surfaces to keep up with. Many building owners and managers struggle to track all cleaning items, which is why outsourcing the work is often a good idea. However, if the company you are using is only doing a surface clean, you’ll be able to tell quickly.

You’re Receiving Complaints from Clients or Visitors

For long-distance building owners, visual cues like the above aren’t available. Instead, these owners must rely on feedback from clients who lease space in the building and visitors who enter it. Any complaints about the cleanliness of a building should be addressed. If clients or visitors are complaining about a building’s cleanliness, your cleaning company should be contacted immediately. If complaints persist, you may need to find a more efficient company.

You’re Finding Dirt and Grime Around the Facility

Even when you are cleaning the facility regularly, it is easy for dirt and grime to build up in those hard-to-reach places – like underneath furniture, along the edge of floors, or in corners. While this may seem small and unimportant, people often notice when these minor details are not attended to. Building maintenance professionals should perform thorough, deep cleaning services that ensure every square inch of your property is properly cleaned and cared for. If that is not the case, it’s time to find someone else.

Your Employees Keep Getting Sick

Sharing germs in the office is not uncommon, especially during the cold and flu season. But if your employees seem to get sick repeatedly, it may be a sign that your current cleaning methods are insufficient. A professional cleaning service should use sanitizing steam equipment to ensure all germs are eradicated.

You’ve Received a Health Inspection Violation

If your property has recently received a health inspection violation, it is a very clear sign that major changes are necessary. If you’re ready to hire a new building maintenance professional, be sure to share a copy of your inspection report. This will allow them to analyze what areas critically need attention, so they can promptly and effectively be addressed.


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