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2020 (half star rating of 5) New!

We learned some things in 2020.

We learned to never take anything for granted. The small things that we might have taken for granted pre-pandemic, are what we long for now.

We learned that life could be upended in an instant, but those who are strong and resilient will find a way to cope and move forward.

We learned from various surveys that most people expect the chaos of the virus to stick around a while, even when the majority of us have received the vaccine. There is no switch that can be flipped to bring us out of disruption.

And, very important to the global cleaning industry, we learned that skeptical organizations and people could embrace something they previously did not value or might have ignored: The value of clean. We all know that cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are vital to the health and well-being of humanity. Now the world knows it, too. Science has brought cleaning and disinfecting to the forefront of life, with ISSA leading the charge to change the way the world views cleaning.

On a personal level, I learned that I really dislike the word “surge” and the term “new normal”—although they are now part of life.

Original Article written by Jeff Cross

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