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ABCO Products on the Paradigm Shift to Cleaning Sustainably

HOW DOES ABCO APPROACH SUSTAINABILITY? ABCO Cleaning Products is a family owned, certified minority-business enterprise that manufactures a full range of high-quality mops and complementary tools used for everyday floor cleaning.

We recently transitioned our production facility to solar power, optimized our packaging to reduce corrugate box waste, and designed equipment to convert 100% post-industrial apparel waste into high-quality Natura Yarn cleaning products that are Green Seal Innovation Certified.

A key part of our business strategy is grounded in promoting circularity in the apparel sector by diverting more than 10 million pounds of material that would have been destined for landfills to Natura Yarns that are now used in more than 228 Green Seal-certified skus.

WHY DO YOU PARTNER WITH GREEN SEAL? We’ve seen a growing customer trend toward purchasing sustainable cleaning product alternatives. Aligning with Green Seal has elevated the brand equity of ABCO Products in the marketplace. Customers demand that products meet Green Seal’s standards – it has become a prerequisite for doing business.

Customers demand that products meet Green Seal's standards - it has become a prerequisite for doing business.

HOW DO YOU USE GREEN SEAL IN YOUR CUSTOMER MARKETING? Using the resources provided by Green Seal, including messaging, marketing materials and social media promotion, has generated increased business for ABCO Products on a national scale in multi-market segments, including industrial, fast food, educational and sanitary maintenance supply.

ABCO’s private label partners get access to all the same marketing benefits. They are able to use our Green Seal certification to sub-register products and use the mark on their labels, packaging and promotional materials.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR ABCO? We’re focusing now on optimizing our PTS injection molding facility. This facility manufactures a variety of plastic cleaning tools that in 2020 converted more than 2.1 million discarded plastic bottles into brooms & brushes as part our portfolio of sustainable products.

Original Article written by Green Seal

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