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Cascades Aims to Change the Status Quo for Paper Products

DOES SUSTAINABILITY MEAN TO CASCADES? Cascades is a leading producer, converter and marketer of packaging and tissue products made principally from recycled fibers. The company’s mission is to improve the well-being of people, communities and the planet by providing sustainable and innovative solutions that create value. Sustainability has been integral to the company’s DNA since its inception in 1964. Over the years, Cascades has remained an environmental leader largely owing to its extensive material recovery and recycling infrastructure, pioneering of chlorine-free whitening processes in tissue product manufacturing, proactive use of renewable energy to meet its energy needs, and active support for countless organizations and causes. This year Corporate Knights has ranked Cascades #17 on its list of the world's 100 most sustainable corporations, after analyzing more than 8,000 international corporations with more than $1 billion in revenues. We are the leader among the corporations assessed in our sector.

HOW DOES CASCADES MAINTAIN ITS LEADERSHIP IN A CONSTANTLY EVOLVING MARKETPLACE? This year more than ever, we saw that the products manufactured by Cascades are essential to the daily lives of families and to countless customers' supply chains. But it is our sustainable operations, environmentally friendly products and social responsibility practices that differentiate us from the competition. Throughout the years, Cascades has remained true to its values and we are very proud of that. We are committed to continually improve and follow our sustainable development plan with ten ambitious goals organized in three main pillars: planet, prosperity, and partners.

WHY DO YOU PARTNER WITH GREEN SEAL? Green Seal certification is a stamp of credibility and integrity for our customers. Our customers want to work with suppliers that share their commitment to sustainability and being Green Seal-certified differentiates us from our competitors. We highlight our Green Seal-certified products in our communications, including sales material, marketing tools and social media platforms. We also put the Green Seal mark on our packaging.

Our customers want to work with suppliers that share their commitment to sustainability and being Green Seal-certified differentiates us from our competitors.

WHAT SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGES HAVE YOU FACED DUE TO THE PANDEMIC? Due to the economic lockdown, some facilities that were manufacturing products primarily for the away-from-home market (hotels, restaurants, etc.) had to slow down or even stop their production for a couple of months. However, lately we have noticed a strong growth in the market for sustainable products. To respond to this demand, we had to be more agile – we worked on the relocation of our Green Seal-certified finished products on our converting lines while making sure to maintain the traceability of our Green Seal products. Many people within the organization were required to work on this project. It was wonderful teamwork to bring people from different departments together to be able to deliver products to our customers on time.

WHICH PRODUCTS ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF FROM A SUSTAINABILITY STANDPOINT? From our Electric Vehicle Program for Employees to the Alain-Lemaire Solar Park, many sustainability projects in recent years were firsts in our industry, a testimony to our desire to challenge the status quo and innovate with sustainability in mind. A recent product launch really embodies Cascades’ commitment to make circular solutions mainstream and integrate eco-design principles: The Cascades Fresh™ thermoformed cardboard tray, which is composed of 100% recycled fibres and is 100% recyclable. A first in North America! The main driver behind this innovation was to develop a circular packaging solution for fresh food applications that would also adapt to automated equipment without impacting their performance. With its water-based coating, the Cascades tray is easily recyclable because it is different from traditional containers coated with a thin layer of plastic or other non-recyclable coatings.

In our Cascades PRO products portfolio, we recently launched a communication campaign for our Latte Collection. Cascades PRO’s Latte™ Collection offers several eco-friendly benefits without compromising softness, absorbency, and overall quality. All Latte products are certified by Green Seal® and made from 100% recycled fiber—80% from white recycled paper and 20% from brown cardboard fibers—offering facilities a reduced environmental footprint.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR CASCADES? In the Spring of 2021, Cascades will launch its brand-new sustainability strategy with goals to push its environmental and social responsibility, including commitments regarding its product portfolio. Climate change, packaging recyclability, employee well-being, responsible supply chains… our teams are really excited about the new themes and commitment in this new action plan. Stay tuned and visit our website later this year.

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