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Cleaning Leader Diversey Shares Views on Ecolabelling


We pride ourselves in running a company that you can depend on our professionals to help you re-open and stay open during these trying times. Our teams utilize state-of-the-art methods to give you and your customers peace of mind to conduct business in this new normal. We have best practices in place and are proud to use Diversey products.

WHAT DOES SUSTAINABILITY MEAN TO DIVERSEY? As Diversey approaches 100 years of providing revolutionary cleaning and hygiene technologies, we’ve demonstrated that improving health and protecting the environment is good for business. Although it has been given many names since 1923, sustainability has been at the core of the value Diversey delivers to our customers. Energy efficiency, water conservation, waste prevention and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are not only good for the health of the planet, but they also invariably translate into economic benefits. In short, sustainability is at the core of the Diversey business strategy.

We’ve offered Green Seal certified solutions to our customers for over 15 years. Our customers often use Green Seal as a definition of a green cleaning product.

HOW DO YOU SELECT YOUR ECOLABEL PARTNERS? We’re careful when selecting ecolabel partners, focusing on those that follow international best practices such as those outlined in ISO 14024. Ecolabel standards need to be transparent, reward more sustainable solutions, based on good science, and unbiased. Green Seal meets all those requirements and is trusted by our customers.

WHY DO YOU PARTNER WITH GREEN SEAL? We’ve offered Green Seal certified solutions to our customers for over 15 years. Our customers often use Green Seal as a definition of a green cleaning product in addition to the water savings, energy conservation, and waste prevention that Diversey delivers to the marketplace.

The HOW HAS EARNING THE GREEN SEAL CERTIFICATION HELPED YOUR BUSINESS? Diversey has hundreds of ecolabelled products sold around the world. Having our core cleaning products carry an ecolabel in North America allows us to transform our customers’ portfolio of solutions while also saving them money. Green Seal’s leadership on rewarding closed-loop dispensing has facilitated use of green cleaning products on a much larger scale than seen in other parts of the world.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR DIVERSEY? Diversey recently announced the acquisition of Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®), an innovative and revolutionary technology. Alpha-HP® is a Green Seal certified multi-purpose cleaner that helps customers simplify the number of products needed for general purpose cleaning. The active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide breaks down to oxygen and water after the cleaning process giving Alpha-HP® an excellent environmental profile.

Original Article written by Green Seal

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