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Does Your Cleaning Company Understand and Prevent Cross Contamination? Here's Why It Matters

This poster is displayed in all janitor's closets at Accurate.

Recently, my neighbor approached me with a rather disturbing observation about the cleaning company responsible for maintaining our pool area and common spaces. She expressed her concern over the cleaners' practices, as they were seen using a single rag to clean everything, from toilets and sinks to counters, drinking fountains, and tabletops. This lack of proper hygiene and cross contamination in their cleaning approach raised several questions about the company's policies, employee training, and overall commitment to maintaining a healthy environment. In this blog, we delve deeper into the issue of cross contamination within cleaning companies and explore the significance of implementing effective cleaning practices.

The Impact of Cross Contamination

Cross contamination occurs when harmful microorganisms are transferred from one surface to another, leading to potential health risks. In high-traffic areas like pool zones and common spaces, where multiple people frequent daily, the risk of spreading germs and bacteria is significantly higher.

Imagine using the same rag to clean a toilet and then moving on to wipe a tabletop where people rest their hands and belongings. It is undoubtedly a disturbing scenario that calls for immediate action.

The Concern for Cleaning Employees

Apart from the health hazards posed to the residents or visitors of a building, it is also essential to consider the welfare of cleaning employees. It is not fair to blame them entirely for such practices, as it often reflects inadequate training or the absence of proper cleaning equipment provided by the company. These hardworking individuals deserve to be supported

with the right tools and knowledge to perform their duties efficiently and safely!

Investing in Proper Training and Equipment

A reputable cleaning company should prioritize the well-being of both its clients and employees. Proper training is crucial to ensure that cleaners understand the importance of avoiding cross contamination and follow appropriate cleaning protocols. The use of color-coded rag systems, as mentioned earlier, is a simple yet effective method to minimize cross contamination risks. For instance, different colors can be assigned for specific areas, such as red for toilets and urinals, green for sinks and counters, and blue for common areas like tabletops.

Benefits of Implementing Cross Contamination Prevention

  1. Employee Morale. Providing cleaners with appropriate training and equipment boosts their confidence and job satisfaction, resulting in higher productivity and better service.

  2. Enhanced Hygiene. By implementing cross contamination prevention measures, the overall hygiene of the building is significantly improved, reducing the chances of illnesses spreading through shared spaces.

  3. Improved Reputation. Companies that prioritize cleanliness and take proactive steps to prevent cross contamination earn the trust and respect of their clients, leading to an enhanced reputation.

  4. Healthier Environment. A cleaner and germ-free environment leads to healthier residents, visitors, and employees, promoting overall well-being within the building.


The recent incident with my neighbor highlighted the crucial issue of cross contamination in cleaning practices. Ensuring that cleaning companies use proper training methods and implement cross contamination prevention measures, such as color-coded rag systems, is essential for maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

It is the responsibility of both the cleaning companies and the building managers to prioritize the well-being of their clients and employees by promoting cleanliness and hygiene. By working together, we can create a space that fosters health, happiness, and satisfaction for everyone involved.

Accurate is proudly CIMS Green Building Certified With Honors, ensuring we clean your facility according to industry standards and best practices and you receive top quality service.

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