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Get Ready for National Cleaning Week

National Cleaning Week, March 28 – April 3, is the perfect time to show appreciation to your cleaning company’s workers or your facility’s maintenance and environmental services crew. Not only are building service providers and facility managers commemorating the week. Cleaning product manufacturers are also bringing attention to the week through donations and social media campaigns.

For instance, Acme Paper & Supply Co. Inc. will be donating various sanitizing products—including disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer packets—to schools within the company’s Mid-Atlantic distribution region, according to Steve Attman, ACME Paper CEO. These products have been in very high demand in classrooms across the region to keep both students and staff safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

With National Cleaning Week upon us, GP PRO wanted to see if consumer regard for custodians remains high as it was at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. A February 2021 GP PRO survey found that while COVID-fatigue has become a growing sentiment in communities across the country, it has not hampered how consumers regard custodians. The most recent survey found that 55% of respondents perceive custodians more highly than they did at the pandemic’s start, compared to 56% of respondents in a June 2020 survey.

“Hurray for custodians and all those incredibly hardworking men and women who are maintaining schools, hospitals, office buildings, and all facilities during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,” said Michelle Auda, GP PRO senior director of insights “These individuals are among the most deserving of our recognition and gratitude as they continue to put themselves on the frontlines to help ensure our safety. This pandemic at times seems never-ending, so it’s incredibly uplifting that many consumers value those who are helping us all make it through.”

Next week offers many other ways to celebrate the value of clean, such as advocating for policies that benefit the industry. ISSA invites industry professionals attend the Virtual Clean Advocacy Summit, March 30-31.

The Virtual Clean Advocacy Summit is a two-day event that brings together manufacturers, distributors, building service contractors, and residential cleaners to learn about public policy issues affecting the industry, like the Clean Start Tax Credit. The industry is essential in the fight against COVID-19 and the Summit will provide guidance on how to engage with elected officials and become an Advocate for Clean.

Original Article written by ISSA

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