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Not JUST a Janitor! Custodial Workers Recognition Day

Any custodian knows they are more than "just" a janitor. You do more than clean and maintain the buildings where people run their businesses, schools, and health care facilities. You are the backbone of a facility's team. At Accurate, our janitorial staff is the heartbeat of our purpose: creating clean, healthy, safe communities.

This is a nice idea, but the reality of carrying it out day to day is less than pretty— it's gritty! Janitors often come in before or after everyone else is gone. You take care of things that the average person who uses these buildings aren't even aware of, or at least may take for granted: Fresh, clean restrooms stocked with supplies every day. Desks, chairs, equipment, and tables wiped clean and disinfected, ready to sit at for students to learn, teachers to instruct, professionals to work, health care providers to diagnose, treat, and heal. You notice the overflowing toilet or the leaking sink, and it's taken care of before their day starts.

You clean up messes of all kinds for all kinds of reasons. Messes that are often ugly and gross, sometimes with undertones of sad and mad—the hateful graffiti, the broken equipment, the carelessness and the rush of the human experience. People ask for your help with all kinds of things, sometimes in whispers or shouts of concern and embarrassment, or panic, confusion, and worry. You are trusted to be efficient and discreet. Often, you deliver the solution and the soothing at the same time. You make it okay again. You solve problems they don’t know they have in ways they don’t or can’t understand, and don’t want to deal with themselves. That’s your job—and you do it thoroughly, you do it well. You do it with pride!

But what a gift and an honor, that you choose to come to work each day and give this gift to everyone who walks into that building. This gift is the honor and humility of helping create an atmosphere of hospitality and thus possibility—not just clean rooms, furniture, surfaces, equipment, and windows. Every person leaves an imprint on each surface they touch and each space they occupy in that building, and then carries it out into their homes and every other places they go, with other people. And those other people do the very same thing.

This ripple effect out into the world, and our opportunity to make it positive and maybe even somewhat pure, is what makes the environmental service industry not only about cleaning and sanitation, but about community and the wellbeing of our world. Thank you, custodial workers, for being the heartbeat of who we are and what we do. You may think no one notices your hard work, but we do—each and every day. Thank you for your dedication!

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Like what you just read? At Accurate, there are no excuses, just solutions. We're accessible because we care. We invest in our team, inspiring personal and professional growth while creating clean, healthy, safe communities. Call Angela at 702-220-8180 for more info.

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