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The Future of Clean...

Bio-Safe is an advanced manufacturer and distributor of disinfection products and services through engineered water, gas, and fogging.

The days of harsh, carcinogenic chemical cleaners are numbered. Bio-Safe represents a paradigm shift in clean science through massive cost savings, improved efficiencies, smaller carbon footprint, and most importantly, a cleaning power that outperforms harsh chemicals.

Aqueous ozone is tested, proven, and effective technology that will forever change the way we think about clean.

Biosecurity Technology provides products under the Bio-Safe brand. Our products are powerful enough to provide disinfection and biofilm control, yet safe and simple for everyday use in commercial, industrial, and residential environments.

That's why when we researched Bio-Safe's product we knew we wanted to add this product to our cleaning service.

Accurate Building Maintenance has an exclusive AccuClean process setting a higher standard for clean and has separated our company form theirs in the cleaning industry for nearly three decades. Delivering service that exceeds expectations extends beyond merely doing the job; it is what drives our teams and is what our clients expect.

Contact our Team Today and Be Clean Tomorrow

Accurate Building Maintenance

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