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Are You Ready for the "Tripledemic"?

Experts are predicting a severe respiratory virus season for the US with flu, COVID, and RSV

Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), and COVID-19-- a triple whammy may be on the horizon. Get the run down on how to stay safe and healthy from those in the know.

On this October 28th segment of BioTalk from GBACtv, Epistemix co-founders Dr. Donald Burke and CEO John Cordier talk with ISSA media director Jeff Cross and GBAC Executive Director Patricia Olinger about the trends they're seeing.

"This is definitely real," said Dr. Burke, an infectious disease physician and epidemiologist. "Many hospitals are already being overwhelmed by RSV." He also expects an early uptick of flu and a likely resurgence of COVID-19 this winter.

As we head into the winter months and will spend more time indoors, Olinger emphasized the importance of cleaning correctly and for health, with extra attention to disinfection of touch points and indoor air quality.

The Global BioRisk Advisory Council (GBAC) is a Division of ISSA.

Be Prepared!

Do you have a written plan to keep your employees, customers, and facilities safe and healthy? Our three-pronged “Aware and Prepared” approach to managing virus and public health outbreaks consists of Communications, Equipment & Supplies, and Training.

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