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Proudly Using Bio-Safe's Environmentally Friendly Anti-Microbial Technology

Updated: Jul 5, 2023


Bio-Safe’s commercial cleaning system converts tap water into a powerful soil removing, bacteria-killing agent that cleans without the use of chemicals.

The engineered water is an oxygen enriched solution, that meets the World Health Organization’s (WHO) standards of 650 oxidation reduction potential (ORP).

The oxygen enriched solution is a proven oxidation agent by which the third weakly bonded oxygen atom attaches to any pat pathogen, microorganism, or pollutant and destroys it by bursting the cell wall.

The solution is injected into the water and compressed into evenly sized nano-bubbles making the aqueous solution a degreasing / cleaning agent as well as a sanitizing solution.


  • Made on-site and on-demand; no storage required.

  • Safe to handle; does not harm skin or eyes.

  • Leaves no chemical residue.

  • Simple training/safety programs.

  • Reduces sanitation labor by 50%; chemical costs by 90%; energy use by90%


  • Kills 99.99% of all pathogens on contact.

  • Including salmonella, e-coli, mold, pesticides, bacteria and viruses

  • Meets and exceeds WHP standards for ORP of 650mv.

  • Produces 100% chemical free by-product.

  • Completely safe on contact and washes down the drain

  • Breaks down biofilms without leaving behind chemical residue.

  • Reduces costs for labor, chemical and water heating.

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