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Closed for the Holidays? Time to Have Your Carpets Cleaned!

Regular cleaning is a must for commercial carpet-- not only to maintain its condition and appearance and protect your capital cost investment, but to improve indoor air quality and protect the health of your customers and employees.

In addition to regular vacuuming and spot cleaning stains, manufacturers recommend performing interim cleaning at least every 3 months.

Have you fallen behind on your facility's carpet maintenance, put it off, or ignored it entirely? We can get you back on track! End 2022 on the right foot-- call Accurate to schedule interim or deep restorative cleaning. Our floor technicians are expertly trained and professionally certified in commercial carpet care.

Still not convinced? Watch industry expert James Tole explain the importance of investing in regular carpet cleaning on this episode of Straight Talk! from ISSA, or read the full article in Cleaning & Maintenance Management Magazine here.

For a description of the various carpet cleaning methods and recommended frequencies from Larry Lawton, VP of Lawton Brothers, a leading industry supply distributor, click here.

Contact Our Team Today and Be Clean Tomorrow!

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