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"LEED certification will improve your building and company’s financial, environmental and health factors. These include tax incentives, attracting tenants, saving money on operational costs, reducing energy use and carbon emissions, and achieving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives." Source: Natalie Gregus, EnergyLink

LEED V5: A Leap Towards Sustainability in Existing Buildings

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently revealed LEED V5 at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. The latest version of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification marks a significant stride towards aligning the built environment with the ambitious goals of the Paris Climate Accord. Unlike its predecessors, this version not only certifies new constructions but also extends its focus to existing buildings.

As a family-owned commercial cleaning company and proudly CIMS Green Building Certified With Honors, we at Accurate Building Maintenance see LEED V5 as another opportunity to reshape industry norms and champion sustainability, equity, and top-notch service!

Green Cleaning in the Spotlight

While green cleaning has always been vital to LEED, V5 introduces added certification requirements emphasizing sustainability and social responsibility in the professional cleaning sector. With our CIMS Green Building With Honors Certification, Accurate seamlessly aligns with these changes, providing businesses a dependable and sustainable cleaning partner committed to industry excellence.

Equity, Social Responsibility, and Performance

LEED V5 now tackles equity concerns, mandating annual social responsibility reports from buildings and their cleaning contractors. As a family-owned business, Accurate stands out, dedicating itself to ethical practices, employee welfare, and a legally trained workforce. Furthermore, the new version stresses the importance of periodic cleaning performance evaluations for LEED-certified buildings. Accurate not only meets but exceeds these requirements, ensuring cleaning procedures and staffing methods adapt to each building's unique needs.

Steve Ashkin, a USGBC board member and recognized as the "father of Green Cleaning," highlights the substantial benefits LEED V5 brings to the professional cleaning industry. Accurate embraces these advancements, putting a greater emphasis on reducing worker exposure to harmful chemicals, enhancing ergonomics, and boosting worker satisfaction.

Accurate's Pledge: Beyond Cleaning

At Accurate, we see LEED certification as more than a stamp of effective cleaning; it's a commitment to safeguarding human health and the environment. Our dedication to sustainability is evident through our use of green cleaning solutions, not just contributing to LEED certification but also reducing environmental and health risks tied to traditional cleaning methods.

Choosing a Cleaner, Greener Future with Accurate

Join us in elevating your business, protecting the environment, and embracing the positive change that comes with LEED certification for existing buildings.

As LEED certification evolves to encompass existing buildings and reward green cleaning practices, choosing Accurate as your commercial cleaning provider not only ensures that your workspace is cleaned to the highest standards but aligned with a company that prioritizes equity for its employees, sustainability for the environment, and service excellence.

Contact Our Team Today and Be [Green] Clean Tomorrow!

Accurate Building Maintenance | The Experts in Creating Clean, Healthy, Safe Communities

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Sources:, The Ashkin Group

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