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Any custodial worker knows they are more than "just" a janitor— and we agree!

At Accurate Building Maintenance, our team members are the backbone of our team and the heartbeat of our purpose: creating clean, healthy, safe communities. They take care of our customers, so we take care of them like family—the best kind! We are so grateful for all they do each day and love to see them grow and succeed.

Our monthly Employee Spotlight series features one of our amazing team members, showcasing what it’s like to work in the cleaning industry at Accurate, where we #keepitfun.

This month, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Maria Socorro! A stalwart of dedication, commitment, and gratitude, she embodies the spirit of excellence at Accurate. For 23 years, Maria has been a cornerstone of our team, lauded for her unwavering dedication, exceptional service, and remarkable attitude.

We had the privilege of getting to know more about Maria during a recent Question & Answer session. We are humbled by her unwavering commitment to her work and the profound impact she has had on both her family and our Accurate community. Prepare to be inspired!

Special thanks and kudos from creator/author Erin Williams (Marketing) to Dee Perez (Customer Service Manager) and Mirtha Eusebio (Human Resources) for their assistance in carrying out this month's article!


Accurate's longtime Customer Service Manager Dee Perez nominated Maria for this month's Employee Spotlight.

"Maria has always expressed immense gratitude for the job opportunity provided by Accurate. She credits it for improving her family's quality of life, enabling her to put her children through college and support them as the family expanded. Her dedication is evident in her daily presence, adherence to company policies, and positive feedback from supervisors and customers. She eagerly takes on any task to uphold our commitment to excellence." -Dee Perez, Accurate Customer Service Manager, Las Vegas

Ailed Arreola was Maria's supervisor for many years at a prior job site and agrees with Dee's description of her.

"Maria is a great worker and loyal employee. She always wants to help with everything. If you need to do extra things, she makes herself available. She always follows procedure and is always seeking solutions. I can assure you that Maria is also a good human being, always wanting to help others. It was and is my pleasure to work with her!" - Ailed Arreola, Accurate Supervisor, Las Vegas

Maria helps take care of one of Accurate's educational customers and works night shift. Their facilities management staff appreciates her diligence, skill, and positive, team-player attitude.

"Maria is one of the best employees here, and so hard working. She takes pride in her work and is punctual and reliable. She’s always willing to help where help is needed. She's also a very agile worker! Maria is very conscientious when it comes to her job duties. She's a great example of a well-trained cleaning industry professional!" -Coatney P., Facilities Manager for Accurate Customer, Las Vegas

"Maria, your 24 years of dedication has shaped Accurate's success profoundly! Your positivity and hard work inspire us daily. Thank you for embodying teamwork and resilience. We're grateful to have you on our team!" - Alex Finken, Accurate CEO/Visionary, Las Vegas


What makes you proud and satisfied about your work? I have been doing this job for almost 24 years. I'm retirement age, yet I've been able to continue working all this time because I still have the strength to do it! This also keeps me motivated at work.

What drew you to Accurate originally? My daughter had applied and was hired in May 2006. I happened to answer a phone call from the office for her at our home. I asked about any openings for me and was recommended to apply, so I did. A month went by while my daughter started working for Accurate, but I hadn't yet heard back from them about my application. So I finally accepted another position. Three days in to my new job, Accurate asked my daughter's crew for potential new employee referrals. Of course she recommended me, and I received a call very quickly to schedule an interview.

I remember the day clearly-- it was a Thursday, and I was offered a position on the spot. They were so impressed with me that they actually asked me to start working that very day, which I did. So 23 years later, here I am today, still working for Accurate!

What are you proudest of during your career with Accurate? By working for this company, I have been able to pay my bills, buy food, and been able to raise my eight children. They are all good people, so I feel super successful!

Maria's genuine delight in her work and being part of the Accurate team all these years is noticed and cherished by many.

"The smile on Maria's face and the twinkle in her eyes when she talks about her gratitude and how her employment here contributed to making her family’s life better is priceless." Dee Perez, Accurate Customer Service Manager, Las Vegas

How do you balance your career at Accurate with your family and personal life?

It became very easy for me. I've been able to dedicate time to my husband. When I first started and my children were young, I could take them to school. In the beginning, I also had a second job where I worked three days per week. After a year, I resigned from that second job to work full time at Accurate. The hours were convenient, and it was a good fit for me.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying at Accurate? Everything CAN be done in steps— for example, we start out walking, and then we go running. You will always have a job, so there's security in that. Also, the company places you at a job site that suits you.


If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be? If I had that option, I would do the same job. I'm used to it, which makes everything very easy for me.

If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you take with you?

Beef jerky, water, and a blanket to sleep in to avoid the cold.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Here at home! In the city of Las Vegas, we can visit the mountains, like Mt. Charleston, and spend time with my family. I have visited Mexico and Utah, but I like to vacation in the city and enjoy what it offers.

If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If I had to eat the same thing daily, it would be rice. Rice is a healthy and filling food, that is safe to say.

What piece of advice would you give to your 13-year-old self? I would tell her that everything I have done will be good. Also, "Don't get a boyfriend so quickly, and don't get married so young." Ultimately though, I would tell my younger self, "You will feel proud of where we are! We fought hard, and here we are-- we achieved it. We are successful!"

Thank you, Maria, for being a highly valued team member and an inspiration! We are so glad you’re part of The Accurate Family.

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