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Any custodial worker knows they are more than "just" a janitor— and we agree!

At Accurate Building Maintenance, our team members are the backbone of our team and the heartbeat of our purpose: creating clean, healthy, safe communities. They take care of our customers, so we take care of them like family—the best kind! We are so grateful for all they do each day and love to see them grow and succeed.

Our monthly Employee Spotlight series features one of our amazing team members, showcasing what it’s like to work in the cleaning industry at Accurate, where we #keepitfun.

This month, we proudly feature Concepción Mendoza, a beacon of dedication and positivity at Accurate for the past 6 years! With an impeccable attendance record and consistently outstanding work performance, Concepción exemplifies reliability and excellence. Her willingness to go above and beyond, even on her days off, demonstrates her commitment to the team and the company's success. Her infectious optimism, famous smile, and genuine desire to serve make her a cherished member of the team.

We had the privilege of getting to know more about Concepción during a recent Question & Answer session. A native of Asunción, Ocotlán, Mexico, she is of Oaxacan descent, but Concepción hasn't let language barriers stop her in any way. Her determination, selflessness, and cheerful demeanor set a standard of excellence for all Accurate employees to aspire to!

Special thanks and kudos from creator/author Erin Williams (Marketing) to Dee Perez (Customer Service Manager) and Mirtha Eusebio (Human Resources) for their assistance in carrying out this month's article!


Accurate's longtime Customer Service Manager Dee Perez nominated Concepción for this month's Employee Spotlight.

"Concepción's attendance, work performance, and ability to communicate any challenges check off all the boxes. She is always willing to help wherever and whenever. She checks in on her days off to see if she can help with coverage and has no boundaries as to how far she’ll Uber, Lyft, or get dropped off to work. Concepción aims to please and deliver excellence. She embodies service with a smile, and her response to any request is always , “Aja, , como no, esta bien.” (Aha, yes, of course, that's fine)." - Dee Perez, Accurate Customer Service Manager, Las Vegas

Female janitor mopping tile floor in Las Vegas.
Concepción may be petite, but she's a powerhouse!

Francisco Sanchez was Concepción's supervisor for a few years and spoke warmly of her wonderful work ethic and being a committed team player.

"I've been fortunate to have worked with Concepción Mendoza, also known as "Doña Conchita." She is a perfect example of perseverance and work ethic and a reflection of hard-working people coming to this country to better themselves and help their families no matter the level of education, language barriers, or miles away from home. I'm sure everyone that has had the opportunity to work with her will agree with me. Conchita is a humble, kind, and soft-spoken woman with a huge heart. She's full of wisdom and indigenous culture that everyone admires. Her willingness to help everyone is admirable, whether it be covering another building or just helping coworkers finish assigned job duties with a smile on her face while repeating her favorite phrase, 'Aja!' I am so proud of Concepción for her development and success with Accurate. She is now able to complete any job duties assigned without a problem. No matter the size of the equipment being used to perform her tasks, she will get it done!" - Francisco Sanchez, Former Accurate Supervisor, Las Vegas

Bonnie Miller, Accurate's Director of Workplace and Employee Experience, agreed with Dee and Francisco. "No matter where she is working or who she is working with, Concepción always has a smile on her face!" Bonnie exclaimed. "She is a fantastic worker and gives her all."

Another former Accurate supervisor, Porfirio Garcia, reached out to tell us how much Concepción means to him.

"I had the privilege of working with Concepción at a banking facility, and her great work speaks for itself. She cares about her work and will go that extra mile to stand out! Her positive attitude and smile are very contagious to all who work with her. Concepción is very reliable, and she would be willing to come in on her days off with very little notice. The word 'no' was not in her vocabulary when it came time to work as a team, especially when we were short staffed! After completing her tasks, Concepción would call and ask what else she could help with; I admire and respect that in her! She is a key part of what makes Accurate's customers happy with the services we provide. Conchita, thank you so much for being such a great coworker-- I miss working with you!" - Porfirio Garcia, Former Accurate Supervisor, Las Vegas

Concepción helps take care of one of Accurate's commercial office customers. Their facilities management staff are fans of her positive, professional attitude and superb work ethic.

"Every time I see Concepción, she is very courteous and polite. She does outstanding work here at our building. We've never had any issues with her cleaning." - Jeff A., Facilities Manager for Accurate Customer, Las Vegas

Two female janitorial employees in an office.
Concepción flashes her beloved, famous smile with Accurate coworker and prior Employee Spotlight Winner Claudia Fuentes.

Francisco was one of several Accurate team members who raved about how Concepción's caring nature blesses everyone around her.

"Conchita is considered everyone's mother, or as we say, 'la mamá de los pollitos' ('mother hen'). She's always making sure coworkers, managers, and even clients have something to eat during lunch breaks. Conchita is an amazing cook, and her tortillas and burritos that she shares during lunch are delicious! Thank you for making this possible for Conchita; she deserves it! I'm truly honored and blessed to have worked with Conchita and know her on a personal level." - Francisco Sanchez, Former Accurate Supervisor, Las Vegas

Dee also admires Concepción personally as well as professionally.

"This little Oaxacan is a festive piñata with a happy soul, bright spirit, and is a positive influence to her team and all Accurate employees! Concepción represents our core values in an inspiring and infectious way." - Dee Perez, Accurate Customer Service Manager, Las Vegas

Accurate's CEO and Visionary, Alex Finken, spoke of the positive impact Concepción has made in multiple ways on her, our team members, and our customers since the beginning.

"Six years ago, we were embarking on our journey with a new customer. In our search for exceptional talent, Concepción stood out among 20-30 candidates. We were fortunate to welcome her to our team, a decision celebrated by everyone-- including our customer-- who had experienced her impeccable work ethic and profound knowledge of the properties. What truly sets Concepción apart is not just her knowledge of the industry but her remarkable ability to connect with people across any barrier, language included. Her ever-present smile, willingness to step in on her days off, and readiness to always be the one to step in when needed to help solve any issue exemplifies her deep commitment to our mission. Concepción's presence brightens any room she enters, and her influence extends beyond the workplace into her large, supportive family, including her family at Accurate. She embodies the quiet strength of leadership that resonates deeply within our team, making her a role model, particularly for those new to our industry." - Alex Finken, Accurate CEO/Visionary, Las Vegas


What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most? I get tremendous satisfaction from all aspects of my job. I have never had any issues with my co-workers, and the work is not challenging, at least not to me. Cleaning is a fulfilling task, especially when compared to my previous job in farming on a ranch in Oaxaca. The lighter responsibilities and the joy I find in cleaning have made me truly content in my current role.

Latino couple standing in agave field in Oaxaca.
Concepción in the agave fields of Oaxaca. Agave is a key ingredient to make tequila!

What attracted you to the cleaning industry? What keeps you in this industry?

I prefer being away from home for work. Someone I know recommended the company, and I have been here for 6 years. I've been offered other jobs, but I prefer to keep working for Accurate.

Author's Note: We're thrilled you're still with us, Concepción!

What's your favorite things about working at Accurate? The flexibility the company provides us. When I request days off or vacation time, they're approved. The schedule works perfectly with my lifestyle.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying at Accurate?

To follow through and apply! It is an excellent company that values you.

Which of Accurate's core values resonates most with you, and why? (We Keep Our Word, Respect, Solutions, Opportunity, and Keep it Fun) Keep It Fun - We go above and beyond and still have fun! Even while we're working, it's still a lot of fun, because the people I work with are super fun, and everyone is very kind to me. The company also holds events for the employees, celebrating us with games, music, food, and great prizes.

How would you describe your Accurate team members? Welcoming and supportive. When I first started here, I felt super strange when I spoke in my dialect (Zapotec), because my Spanish was not very good. But over time, my coworkers got used to it, and this "problem" worked itself out. They even helped me speak Spanish better!

What skill do you think everyone should learn? Agility (flexibility; how to adapt). When new employees arrive, I like to guide them so that they can approach their work more effectively and flexibly.

What do you think makes our team culture at Accurate unique? Compared to other cleaning companies, Accurate treats us well, appreciates us, and recognizes our work. For example, the area managers recently brought us chocolates and cups for International Cleaning Week. They also don't pressure us in negative ways.


What is your favorite vacation spot? My hometown: Asunción, Ocotlán, Mexico. My parents and my whole family are there. When I visit, I make my tortillas by hand. I cook my traditional food; everything is fresh and organic. I relive my childhood again. I like to go in September, although the festivities begin in August, and they have many parties and activities. They celebrate the Virgin with La Virgen de la Asunción. The other date that I like to go is during the celebration for the Day of the Dead.

Fun Fact: The popular 2017 Pixar movie Coco was based on the traditions of Concepción's hometown of Asunción, Ocotlán, Mexico.

What job did you want to have when you were a child? I wanted to be a designer and have the opportunity to own a traditional embroidery store in my hometown. However, I needed a particular machine. But I did learn to sew by hand.

Latina woman with traditional Mexican food and fare.
Concepción makes homemade corn tortillas and champurrado, pictured here as some of the traditional food for celebrating Diaz de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead).

What are some of your favorite family traditions? I love traditional Oaxacan cooking! I get up very early to grind the corn in the metate to make fresh atole (a hot chocolate beverage), hand-made tortillas, and tejate, a "drink of the gods." It's kind of like Agua Fresca; it's made from dough with cocoa, coconut, peanuts, and tejate flowers. It is mainly used at lunchtime. I have prepared it sometimes here in Las Vegas. Tejate is also a Oaxacan tradition; an offering to the parents of the woman a gentleman marries.

Who would you like to be for one day, if given the chance? I would love to be a manager, to guide and support employees in doing the job correctly and most effectively, and to review the work to meet the client's and the company's expectations. Like Au'Jaina, my worksite supervisor.

Thank you, CONCEPCIÓN, for being a highly valued team member and an inspiration! We are so glad you’re part of The Accurate Family.

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