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Curious About Outsourcing Your Commercial Janitorial Services?

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

When running a business, there are so many considerations. In-house cleaning is a task that is unrelated to the usual business model and operations. It can be a significant drain on a company's overall performance. A business owner should focus on the day-to-day operations and primary business goals. By opting for professional cleaning services, you get better results and save money – plus, it’s more convenient.

Let's look at the other benefits of outsourcing your cleaning to a professional cleaning company.

Professional cleaning companies have the ability to increase or decrease the labor pool based on the workflow and respond to situations that need a rapid increase in staffing for a short period of time.

Extra personnel who are experts at floor care can be brought in without having to have another full-time person on staff when carpet cleaning, stripping, and waxing is required.

Equipment and tools to perform services are provided by the outsourced company, and there is no investment required by the client.

All chemicals and supplies are provided to perform the cleaning services.

Material Safety Data Sheets in all custodial closets to keep you in compliance with OSHA standards.

Administrative burden on you is alleviated, since personnel issues such as payroll, time keeping, labor relations, benefits, worker’s compensation and insurance costs, unemployment and EEOC claims, staff turnover and related costs of recruiting, pre-employment checks, training, disciplinary actions, etc., are handled by the cleaning company.

When custodians are sick or on vacation, there is no additional cost to the client as replacements are provided at no additional cost. 

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